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Falaise 1
Destruction at Falaise, August 1944

Bomb damage, Vire, France. July 1944

Images of the war's effect on a quaint village in Normandy

A silent street scene. Bombed buildings and rubble of war, only dust, destruction and death remains of a town in France.

Allied encirclement of German Forces. The horrible sights and smell of death prevails, both man, machine & animal.

Damaged Street Car, Mainz Germany

The Main Street!!!! The damage to this city was almost complete at the time this photo was taken. rubble and stone reduced to almost a powder. It must have been a horrible experience for the citizens of this city to endure such complete destruction.…

Damaged Planes, Germany 1945

Forest damage, Germany, 1945

107Plzn St-a.jpg
Collaborators and sympathizers of the Nazi Occupation, forced to repair Allied bomb damage to street of Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, a few days after the liberation of the City on May 9, 1945
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