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Scenes of war damage taken from the open door of a boxcar, on the rail back home from Bamberg, Germany to LeHarve, France.

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Collaborators and sympathizers of the Nazi Occupation, forced to repair Allied bomb damage to street of Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, a few days after the liberation of the City on May 9, 1945

Forest damage, Germany, 1945

Damaged Planes, Germany 1945

The Main Street!!!! The damage to this city was almost complete at the time this photo was taken. rubble and stone reduced to almost a powder. It must have been a horrible experience for the citizens of this city to endure such complete destruction.…

Damaged Street Car, Mainz Germany

Allied encirclement of German Forces. The horrible sights and smell of death prevails, both man, machine & animal.

A silent street scene. Bombed buildings and rubble of war, only dust, destruction and death remains of a town in France.

Images of the war's effect on a quaint village in Normandy

Bomb damage, Vire, France. July 1944
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