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Company "A" Gas Mask Drill. A "ragtag" bunch of recently drafted NY/NJ Citizen soldiers going through the adaption phase to military life...A far different well trained group they were when the Initial Assault beachead landings were made in June 1944…

Meal time by 56th Signal Battalion Forces at Communications Test Point located in the Cerisey Forest, a few miles from the Beaches of Normandy and near St. Lo. The station was located adjacent to a damaged concrete bunker as a result of a direct hit…

J. Ventimiglia [NY] Eupen, Belgium

Bomb damage, Vire, France. July 1944

Map carried through Europe, with the route marked by blue pencil.

Banner in Le Molay, Normandy, welcoming the allied troops a few days after the initial invasion.

A silent street scene. Bombed buildings and rubble of war, only dust, destruction and death remains of a town in France.

Allied encirclement of German Forces. The horrible sights and smell of death prevails, both man, machine & animal.

Chas Gahres [PA] Inside the ring of death, at Falaise.

In April 1945, as the gates and confines of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Germany were thrown open, inmates and refugees streamed about the area, heading in all directions, without caring where the roads led, as long as they were away. These…
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