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Bk: Paul Posch [NY], Carmine Chickadel [DE], Ed Nutley [NY]
Fr: Gene Piana [NJ], Bob Ryan [NJ, Bob Searl [NJ], Carmen Cataldo [NJ] At Sea, on deck of the SS Argentina heading back to Newport News, VA USA from Southhampton, England, after three…

Troops loading onto the SS Argentina, (ironically the same ship the carried the selected returning troops of the 56th Signal Battalion towards the UK in June 1942) for the return journey home. Southampton, England, June 1945.

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Departed NY Port of Embarkation July 1942 in Naval Convoy. Arrived Gourock, Scotland with elements of 56th Signal Battalion aboard. An anxious two week voyage, in the U-boat infested waters of the North Atlantic Ocean in this recently quickly…

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