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Meal time by 56th Signal Battalion Forces at Communications Test Point located in the Cerisey Forest, a few miles from the Beaches of Normandy and near St. Lo. The station was located adjacent to a damaged concrete bunker as a result of a direct hit…

Banner in Le Molay, Normandy, welcoming the allied troops a few days after the initial invasion.

A silent street scene. Bombed buildings and rubble of war, only dust, destruction and death remains of a town in France.

Allied encirclement of German Forces. The horrible sights and smell of death prevails, both man, machine & animal.

Chas Gahres [PA] Inside the ring of death, at Falaise.

Bob Searl [NJ]: Cerisey Forest, France

Chas Townsend [NJ] enjoying lunch in a bombed out German concrete bunker in Cerisy Forest, Normandy

La Pie qui Tette, Vierville, France, the first few days in Normandy.

12Cerisy Forest Bunker060224.jpg
Our living quarters for the first few days of the invasion: a bombed-out German bunker off the shores of Omaha Beach.

Chas Townsend [NJ] & Steve Mason [NJ]
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