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Joe St. Laurent [MA], Eupen, Belgium, during our first snowfall of the war in Europe

J. Ventimiglia [NY] Eupen, Belgium

Ed Stewart [NJ], Eupen, Belgium, December 1944

Fabel, St. Laurent, Searl, Eupen
Howard Fabel [NY], Joesph St. Laurent [MA] and Bob Searl [NJ], Eupen, Belgium, December 1944.

Robert Searl in Eupen, Belgium, a few days before the Battle of the Bulge, Dec 1944

A few days after this photo was taken, Walter Fullbright was killed by a German paratrooper that had landed in the area of Eupen. Belgium, during the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge, while searching for enemy troops in a wooded area. he was…
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