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A few days after this photo was taken, Walter Fullbright was killed by a German paratrooper that had landed in the area of Eupen. Belgium, during the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge, while searching for enemy troops in a wooded area. he was…

Carolina Manvrs.jpg
"War Games" part of basic training for the 56th Signal Battalion during the autumn of 1941

Damaged Planes, Germany 1945

Forest damage, Germany, 1945

Bk: Bob Searl Howard Fabel, Bob Balsley
Frt: Al Meister, Bernie Pecararo

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Collaborators and sympathizers of the Nazi Occupation, forced to repair Allied bomb damage to street of Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, a few days after the liberation of the City on May 9, 1945

Allied Bomb Damage at the Skoda Armaments Factory, Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, 1945. The Skoda factory was one of the prize German captures during the war, ultimately producing 1/3 of all their armaments.

My necklace for four years!!!

Copy of US Army V Corps Official Orders for transport back to the USA after termination of European hostilities. Selection of troops to be returned to the USA was as a result of individual "service points" primarily based on Overseas time served and…


To Brother Clint Searl, before heading HOME from Czechoslovakia.
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