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All outgoing mail of enlisted personnel of the 56th Signal Battalion was censored by the commissioned Officers of the Battalion before posting for delivery. This letter was reviewed for restricted contents by Lt. Robert L. Hilliard, while the…

In 1942, the early years of WWII, all United States service personnel departing for overseas duty were required to obtain a passport before departing the USA.


Troops loading onto the SS Argentina, (ironically the same ship the carried the selected returning troops of the 56th Signal Battalion towards the UK in June 1942) for the return journey home. Southampton, England, June 1945.

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Robert Searl in Eupen, Belgium, a few days before the Battle of the Bulge, Dec 1944

Falaise 1
Destruction at Falaise, August 1944

Fabel, St. Laurent, Searl, Eupen
Howard Fabel [NY], Joesph St. Laurent [MA] and Bob Searl [NJ], Eupen, Belgium, December 1944.

Ed Stewart [NJ], Eupen, Belgium, December 1944

Red Brand [DE] Ira Dyckes [NY] Pat Milone [NY in basic training at Ft. Jackson, SC in July of 1941

Bob Searl [NJ] & Gus Fischetti [NY] while stationed at Clifton College in Bristol, England

Citizen soldier - Private - 56th Signal Battalion - First Corps. Drafted May 1941 to serve one year in the pre-war military service at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. In December 1941, Pearl Harbor, changed this to eventual direct participation in the…

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