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J. Ventimiglia [NY] Eupen, Belgium

Joe St. Laurent, [MA] Elmer Schum [NY], Eupen, Belgium days before the Battle of the Bulge

Joe St. Laurent [MA], Eupen, Belgium, during our first snowfall of the war in Europe

Julius Krueger [MN], Belgium

La Pie qui Tette, Vierville, France, the first few days in Normandy.

V-Mail letter written by Bob Searl to his brother in USA on May 24, 1944, one day after leaving base Camp in Taunton, England and arriving at one of the many marshalling area camps on the coast of England preparing to board the Initial Assault…


Letter of commendation to troops of V Corps by Lt. General Courtney Hodges, Commander First United States Army to Commander V Corps, Major General Clarence R. Huebner.


Troops loading onto the SS Argentina, (ironically the same ship the carried the selected returning troops of the 56th Signal Battalion towards the UK in June 1942) for the return journey home. Southampton, England, June 1945.

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Meal time by 56th Signal Battalion Forces at Communications Test Point located in the Cerisey Forest, a few miles from the Beaches of Normandy and near St. Lo. The station was located adjacent to a damaged concrete bunker as a result of a direct hit…

Mike Boris [PA] & Bob Tyrer [MA] Mike was an Infantry Security Guard for our Communications Wirehead post [Victor 0]. Off Duty at time of the photo!!!!!
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