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Ed Stewart [NJ], Eupen, Belgium, December 1944

The sign reads: "Hitler must die so that Germany may live." April 1945

Entrance to Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Weimar, E. Germany

Fabel, St. Laurent, Searl, Eupen
Howard Fabel [NY], Joesph St. Laurent [MA] and Bob Searl [NJ], Eupen, Belgium, December 1944.

Falaise 1
Destruction at Falaise, August 1944

To Brother Clint Searl, before heading HOME from Czechoslovakia.

First contact telegram of just a few lines of comfort to my wife and family that I had survived the Initial DDay Assault on the coast of Normandy in June 1944. A welcome word to ease the anxiety, fear and apprehension felt back home.

Bob Searl [NJ] & Gus Fischetti [NY] while stationed at Clifton College in Bristol, England

Forest damage, Germany, 1945

FJ Area1.jpg
US Army encampment, serving as the site for basic training for the 56th Signal Battalion from May 1941 to June 1942
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