1945 - Pilsen, Czech. and Homeward Bound


1945 - Pilsen, Czech. and Homeward Bound


Photos of the welcome journey back to the USA from Pilsen, Czechoslovakia to Bamberg, Germany by truck transport, then a two week trip across Europe to the Port of LeHavre, France by rail 40X8 box car. Back across the English channel again to port of Southampton, England. On June 28, 1945, Boarded US Troopship, SS Argentina [the very same ship that brought a few of us across the North Atlantic to Scotland THREE long years ago, in 1942. Landed in Newport News, Virginia on July 2, 1945. Discharged from Fort Dix, NJ on July 4, 1945. Happy Reunion with wife and three year old daughter !!!!! Had not seen them for three looooooong Years...


Robert Howard Searl Sr.

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Bomb damage, Germany 1945
Scenes of war damage taken from the open door of a boxcar, on the rail back home from Bamberg, Germany to LeHarve, France.

Loading onto Troop Ship Back to USA, Southampton, England 1945
Troops loading onto the SS Argentina, (ironically the same ship the carried the selected returning troops of the 56th Signal Battalion towards the UK in June 1942) for the return journey home. Southampton, England, June 1945.

Heading Home, 1945
Bk: Paul Posch [NY], Carmine Chickadel [DE], Ed Nutley [NY]
Fr: Gene Piana [NJ], Bob Ryan [NJ, Bob Searl [NJ], Carmen Cataldo [NJ] At Sea, on deck of the SS Argentina heading back to Newport News, VA USA from Southhampton, England, after three…
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