1944 - D Day through Europe


1944 - D Day through Europe


My personal Wartime history taken from my snapshot album after the Normandy D-Day initial beach assault, to the end of hostilities. Each one has a precious memory for me and it is my wish to share these few historical photgraphs with you. My Unit, the 56th Signal Battalion, was directed to participate in the June 6, 1944 DDay amphibious operation NEPTUNE at Omaha Beach, Normandy with the assigned mission of providing communications for V Corps of the First United States Army prior to, during and after the Normandy amphibious phase of the June 6, 1944 operations as well as during the following campaign on the continent. The organization was divided into several detachments in order to provide communications for the various echelons as desired by the Commanding General. Detachments were organized on or about 21 April 1944 at Norton Manor Camp, near Taunton, England, as directed by the Battalion Commander and in accordance with plans developed with the different staff sections of V Corps Headquarters of the United States First Army under the direction of Lt. General Omar N. Bradley.

We were not allowed to take images during the invasion, so the photos begin once settled a few miles off the Normandy Beaches.


Robert Howard Searl Sr.

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RHSearl in Eupen
Robert Searl in Eupen, Belgium, a few days before the Battle of the Bulge, Dec 1944

Falaise 1
Destruction at Falaise, August 1944

Fabel, St.Laurent, Bob Searl, Eupen
Howard Fabel [NY], Joesph St. Laurent [MA] and Bob Searl [NJ], Eupen, Belgium, December 1944.

Ed Stewart, Eupen
Ed Stewart [NJ], Eupen, Belgium, December 1944

Meal time in Cerisey Forest, Normandy
Meal time by 56th Signal Battalion Forces at Communications Test Point located in the Cerisey Forest, a few miles from the Beaches of Normandy and near St. Lo. The station was located adjacent to a damaged concrete bunker as a result of a direct hit…

Telephone Station, Cerisey Forest, Normandy
Bob Searl [NJ]: Cerisey Forest, France

J. Ventimiglia [NY] Eupen, Belgium
J. Ventimiglia [NY] Eupen, Belgium

Bomb Damage in Vire, Normandy
Bomb damage, Vire, France. July 1944

My Old War Map, 1944
Map carried through Europe, with the route marked by blue pencil.

Geo Galusha [CA], Walt Nowak, Roger Sirois [MA], Belgium
Geo Galusha [CA], Walt Nowak, Roger Sirois [MA], Belgium
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