1942 - Training in England


1942 - Training in England


The Converted South American liner SS Argentina, with about 8000 military troops aboard left the NY Harbor in convoy during the intense German U-boat campaign to destroy US Shipping and prevent aid from reaching the United Kingdom. The ship arrived safely in Scotland and the Battalion was ferried to Northern Ireland. Company �A� troops were engaged in building Airport Communications facilities north of London for the US Air Force to accommodate the growing Air Force. The Battalion HQ was later stationed in Bristol and Taunton, England, attached to the Fifth Corps of the United States First Army.


Robert Howard Searl Sr.

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S.S Argentina
Departed NY Port of Embarkation July 1942 in Naval Convoy. Arrived Gourock, Scotland with elements of 56th Signal Battalion aboard. An anxious two week voyage, in the U-boat infested waters of the North Atlantic Ocean in this recently quickly…

Teletype Training Class: Bristol
Teletype Training Class - Clifton College
Roberts, LaSalla, Searl [NJ]
Hauck [NJ], Williams [NY], Fischetti [NY]

Pole Line Construction Near Ipswich, England
Pole Line Construction Near Ipswich, England
Hufton [TX], Searl [NJ], Fabel [NY], Schum [NY]

St. Laurent [MA], Gahres [PA], Schum [NY]
St. Laurent [MA], Gahres [PA], Schum [NY] at Bury St. Edmonds, England

Communications Installation
Communications Installation by Bob Searl [NJ] in Taunton, England

Howard Fabel [NY] & Bob Searl [NJ]: Clifton College
Howard Fabel [NY] & Bob Searl [NJ] stationed at Clifton College

Anti-Aircraft Gunnery Practice: Truro, England
Bob Searl [NJ]: Gunnery Practice, 50 Calibre Anti - Aircraft Machine Gun, Truro, England, November 1943

Bob Searl in Taunton, England
Bob Searl in Taunton, England

Newspaper Clipping: Air Raid in London, 1944
This was a very exciting evening spent in London in February 1944. Lots of noise and anxious moments spent in the heart of the city around Piccadilly Circus area. Fortunately no close hits in the vicinity that we could see or hear. Could have been a…
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